RPS Retirement Plan Advisors

A Partnership that Makes a Difference

RPS Retirement Plan Advisors serves as a partner and named 3(38) fiduciary for a company or organization's retirement plan. Through a partnership with us, plan sponsors are positioned to offer a retirement savings plan that is designed to guide employees to retirement success while being efficiently compliant.

The retirement plan experts at RPS Retirement Plan Advisors look forward to being your partner in developing and managing a retirement plan that your company and employees can be proud of.

FiduciaryPlus™ provides a company with everything it needs to assure retirement plan health and prepare employees for retirement security. As your fiduciary plan advisor, we focus on 6 core areas that are essential to a healthy plan.

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As a 3(38) fiduciary to your plan we have the unique ability to provide one-on-one advice to your plan participants and develop a customized retirement investment path that provides security in retirement.

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