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Simplify Your 401(k) Plan

Most every company wants to offer a high-quality retirement plan solution to their employees; however, some simply lack the expertise, time, or resources to manage a plan effectively. Even companies with a dedicated benefits department may want to redirect those resources to other areas and offload the liabilities associated with managing a 401(k) plan.

Thanks to the Secure Act of 2019, Plan sponsors have a new option. It’s called a Pooled Employer Plan, or PEP. A PEP allows employers to pool their resources and gain access to economies of scale when managing their retirement plans. In contrast to a Multiple Employer Plan managed by a PEO, there is no need for a co-employer relationship to participate in a PEP program. And employers still maintain control over their own employees.

A PEP can be a great solution for companies of all sizes.

Benefits to Employer:

  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Outsource most responsibilities to a 3rd party
  • Extension of HR department
  • Reduced fiduciary risk
  • Flexible plan design
  • Potential reduction in fees
  • No individual plan audits
  • Single Form 5500 filing for the entire PEP

Benefits to Participants:

  • Professional oversight
  • High-quality, cost-effective investment options
  • Personalized advice
  • Access to financial wellness program

With the RPS SmartCourse Savings Plan, you can leave the worry of managing a 401(k) plan to us and focus more energy and resources on managing your business.

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