RPS Retirement Plan Advisors

Service Provider Oversight

Your duty to provide an effective retirement plan includes making sure the services provided by your vendors, like the record keeper and fund companies, are delivering real value to your participants. RPS has extensive experience in evaluating and monitoring vendor fees and services. We will help you select and manage your service providers to ensure you are fulfilling your fiduciary duty.

As a plan fiduciary, you have likely experienced how confusing the service offerings and fee arrangements can be from service providers. Because we are your fiduciary and always working in your best interest, we can be your advocate in interactions with vendors. We will be there by your side through the entire due diligence and selection process.

Our value doesn't end there. We will help you evaluate your service providers on an ongoing basis to ensure they are charging a reasonable fee, benchmarked to industry standards. We will also monitor service quality, so you can use your valuable time managing your business and not your business retirement plan.