RPS Retirement Plan Advisors

Quality Investments

Providing your employees with quality investment choices is critical to their ability to reach Retirement Readiness and a cornerstone of your fiduciary responsibility as a plan sponsor. If you do not have internal expertise in the selection and monitoring of investments specific to defined contribution plans, Department of Labor regulations require plan sponsors to seek the services of a qualified third party.

By utilizing the investment committee of its parent company, Richard P. Slaughter Associates, Inc., RPS Retirement Plan Advisors has more than 20 years of experience in selection and monitoring of investments that are appropriate for your 401(k) plan. We use a proprietary screening and monitoring process to ensure only the highest quality funds are made available to your participants. Included in our screens are data points evaluating:

  • Historical return versus relative benchmark
  • Investment style
  • Risk and return metrics
  • Diversification opportunities

Using proprietary and state of the art investment tools, we will ensure your plan is always in compliance with your Investment Policy Statement and Department of Labor standards. Our investment experts will also build custom models to make it easy for your employees to choose an investment path that is right for them.