RPS Retirement Plan Advisors

Cost Control

Determining if your 401(k) plan is cost efficient for your employees and how it measures up from a competitive nature of delivering a valuable benefit to your employees is important. Fees aren't the only consideration but they are important. And there is more to the total cost of a plan besides explicit, billable fees.

In order to determine if your plan is cost efficient, it is crucial to be able to determine all sources of revenue that your service provider receives. Do your plan investments include revenue sharing? How does your provider make that revenue sharing available to the plan to offset fees?

If your plan contains a stable value fund, or fixed account, it is possible there are additional sources of revenue your provider receives that are not disclosed.

In working with you to evaluate the total cost of your plan, we benchmark all of your plan fees, hidden or explicit. We can then negotiate with your providers to make sure you are receiving true value for the fees you and your participants are paying.